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ZIO Golf 1.1




Palm-size PC


ZIO Golf 1.1 is an exciting real-time 3D golf game, with breathtaking scenery, challenging courses, and advanced features.

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About ZIO Golf 1.1

ZIOGolf is an unparallel real-time 3D acceleration game. The breathtaking scenery and exceptional challenge of each unique course from California, Arizona, Nevada, New York... delivers a true golf experience. Easy-to-play controls, sophisticated swing gauge, and jaw-dropping beauty of graphics will spontaneously fuel your mind with excitement.





  • ZIOGolf is the world's first 3D golf game for Windows CE with exhilarating graphic and sound.
  • ZIOGolf also enables users to replace golf courses with various real golf courses separately provided by ZIO.
  • Sophisticated swing gauge like that of PC games. You can control hook or slice of ball as well as the power of swing with the swing gauge.
  • Like Palm Golf, ZIOGolf can be played by up to 4 players, and in the case of less than 4 players, the CPU will take over the remaining spots.
  • Designed to enable control of ZIOGolf with just the pen.



Product System Requirements

Storage: 2.8 MB
Processor: SH3 and MIPS
Platform: Palm-size PC
Operating System: Windows CE 2.x


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