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Pocket Administrator




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An administrator for business professionals needing to manage personal and business critical information; any-where, any-time.

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About Pocket Administrator

Organize and carry volumes of personal and professional information while mobile with one complete solution!

Pocket Administrator is more than just another CE software application - it is a methodology of organizational effectiveness. It is an administrator for business professionals needing to manage personal and business critical information; any-where, any-time, all-the-time.



Pocket Administrator delivers the following list of functions:

  1. The Investments Pages, ensure that you are informed any-where, any-time, and all-the-time of your investments and retirement savings portfolios.

  2. The Personal Accounts Page acts as an electronic backup to your wallet providing instant retrieval and access to account information when on the move. More importantly, the Personal Accounts page stores; financial accounts, insurable policies, passport numbers, privileges and benefits data, and other useful information.

  3. Use the Finances page to collect and track all; banking, debit, credit card transactions, account balances and even organize bill payments.

  4. Use the Business Expenses Page to collect, track and complete an expense report. This page is also integrated with your financial accounts setup in the Personal Accounts page, ensuring accurate account balances.

  5. The Time Page is an essential tool for anyone needing to account for their time and effort for that all important purpose; Client Billing Revenue. Use this simple module to track your efforts and invested time for billing purposes.

  6. The Airline Reservations Page stores airline flight information for trips and regular flight details of your preferred airline carriers.

  7. The Reservations Page will help organize client and personal entertainment locations, by helping to organize reservations of favorite restaurants, plays, theatre events, and sports events. While also, helping to organize accommodations of preferred hotels and car rental providers when scheduling your travels.

  8. The Goals Planner; provides a solution to organizing, tracking, reminding and managing Personal, Professional and Business Plan goals.

  9. The Review Page is a selection of views of the transactions and data stored on each module of Pocket-Administrator.

  10. The final piece to any well designed mobile solution comes with Pocket Administrator's Online Help. The developers at Handheld Solutions Inc. believe that carrying hardcopy documentation is not an option, and that user's require prompt assistance to questions. The online Help system includes, amongst its 70 Help files; useful conversions to and from the Metric system; Security tips to protect your HPC and Data; and information about investing in North America.

Pocket Administrator is the perfect personal digital assistant for the well-organized information ace. Information at your fingertips will help you stay connected to your vital business and personal information.



Product System Requirements

Storage: 560 - 620 K
Processor: SH3, MIPS
Platform: Handheld PC
Operating System: Windows CE 2.x


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