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Pocket PowerPoint Editor




Handheld PC, H/PC Pro


Design Pocket PowerPoint presentations, or edit existing slides on your Windows CE-based Handheld PC, anywhere, anytime.

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About Pocket PowerPoint Editor

Design presentations or edit existing slides on your Windows CE-based Handheld PC while you are heading to your destination. For simple presentation files you don't need PowerPoint on your desktop any more, just create it right on your H/PC.



Pocket PowerPoint Editor gives you the power to design, and edit presentations in the palm of your hand. Even if you do not own the desktop version of Microsoft PowerPoint, you will be able to take advantage of this exciting pre-installed program available on Windows CE 2.0-based Handheld PCs.

  • Create Power PowerPoint presentations
  • Move, resize or delete specific items
  • Import a Pocket word file and make it a slide
  • Print Pocket PowerPoint presentations



Product System Requirements

Storage: 60 K
Processor: SH3, MIPS, StrongARM
Platform: Handheld PC, Handheld PC Pro
Operating System: Windows CE 2.x


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