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IntelliGolf Par/CE Edition 5.0




Pocket PC, Palm-size PC


Golf's #1 "scorecard" software for P/PCs! IntelliGolf improves your golf game, automates scoring, wagering and collects golf statistics.

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About IntelliGolf Par/CE Edition

The IntelliGolf Par edition is the leading "on course" scorecard software for palm-size PCs powered by Microsoft Windows CE. IntelliGolf automates golf scoring, captures round statistics, keeps course/hole notes, and adds up wagers automatically. No more adding up wagers on the 19th hole -- IntelliGolf does it for you!



The IntelliGolf Par edition includes:

  • Automated golf scoring;
  • Game-improving statistics and graphs;
  • Course, hole and round notes capabilities;
  • Twenty-four popular wagering games (e.g. Skins); and
  • Unlimited custom wagering for your special sidegames.

In addition, IntelliGolf's easy-to-use HoleView scoring system is now complemented with our unique ScorecardView and WagerView displays showing all 18 holes at once. In addition, the Par edition lets you track basic club selections, distances and shot directions. IntelliGolf comes complete with all Palm-size PC software for scoring your Rounds while on the course.

For even more functionality, look to the IntelliGolf Birdie edition. It includes free access to +7,000 Internet-based golf course scorecards, handicap approximation, advanced club selection and reporting, historical round tracking on Windows-based PCs, plus much more. Join golfers in over 70 countries worldwide that are using IntelliGolf to improve their game and increase their winnings. IntelliGolf -- Golf's #1 Scorecard Software.

Look to the IntelliGolf Birdie edition for even more functionality. It includes all of the Par edition's features plus:

  1. Palm-to-Windows conduit software for uploading round data into included desktop software,
  2. Windows 95/98/NT-compatible desktop software for capturing, analyzing and evaluating game trends on all rounds played, and
  3. Internet-based golf course uploads/downloads to save you valuable set-up time at the course.

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Product System Requirements

Storage: 120 K
Processor: SH3, MIPS, StrongARM
Platform: Palm-size PC, Pocket PC
Operating System: Windows CE 2.x


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