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Handheld PC, H/PC Pro, Palm-size PC


Utility that allows you to see the current system status of your Windows CE device.

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About System Info

System Info is a utility that allows you to see the current system status of your Windows CE device.

An icon is placed in the system tray while System Info is running. This icon represents the status of your batteries. If you are plugged into power, an AC icon will appear. While running on batteries a battery is displayed. The battery contains bars representing 0-100 percent battery remaining. Software timers allow you to track your battery usage and charging, even if your Windows CE device does not support battery information!



  • Charging timer: There is now a timer to show you how long you have been charging. This also allows us to now provide time credit (In minutes remaining) for partial charges.

  • New GUI: A new bar at the top (Rebar) allows you to move the icons on the command car out of the way for easier viewing the menus on the PPC.

  • Bar color coding: The bars for memory, storage, etc are now color coded (On machines that support color). You can now quickly glance at the bar and determine how your Windows CE machine is doing at a glance.

  • New Storage Card format: It appears that some of the HPC Pro machines use Storage Card1 instead of the Storage Card2 that is in the CE docs&ldots; We now support it as well. We also support Carte De Stockage for French Windows CE machines. If your language uses a different Storage Card name, e-mail us and we'll add it for you!

  • Action button on PPC: The action (Like enter on PPC) and escape buttons will now minimize System Info. Many users asked for this so they could quickly minimize System Info.

  • Hardware Time: The hardware timer routines now allow for machines that do not respond after taking a nap. Some hardware takes up to 30 seconds to figure out where the batteries are after a wakeup. System Info will now wait 40 seconds before declaring that the machine does not have hardware support.

  • New setup program: You can now install using the application manager. Please let us know what you think about this new installation program, we can always change it to something else.



Product System Requirements

Storage: 105 K
Processor: SH3, MIPS, SH-4, StrongARM
Platform: Handheld PC, Handheld PC Pro, Palm-size PC
Operating System: Windows CE 2.x


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