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CryptoGrapher 1.0




Handheld PC


CryptoGrapher is designed for high cryptoprotection of the information kept on the flash cards (compact and PCMCIA as well).

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About CryptoGrapher

The CryptoGrapher is designed for superresistant cryptoprotection of the information kept on the flash cards (compact and PCMCIA as well). Each time the information is recorded onto the flash card, it does encoding of the data, and each time the reading takes place, the CryptoGrapher decodes the data. Thus all the information on the flash card is kept encrypted and safe from any unauthorized access.



  • You have some information on handheld PC intended only for your use. But there is rather great possibility of its leakage as Windows CE is not certified for classified information processment. Our solution: keep such information encrypted on the flash cards. This way of keeping information is very secure because the flash card's cache is cleaned after a certain period of time or/and after switching off the power supply and there is only encrypted information on the flash card.

  • In order to secure the reliability of the encoding , the programme employs fast cryptoalgorithms certified by several not related international organisations. The cryptoalgorithms have been developed by the russian company "Ankort" that has been licensed by the Federal Agency of Government Communications and Information by the President of Russian Federation. ZAO " Ankort " has also been developing cryptographic solutions for the Central Bank of Russian Federation.

  • The user's password is transforming into cryptoresistant key by means of certain methods. There can be no more than 25 key misidentifications after which all the information kept on the flash card is destroyed.



Product System Requirements

Storage: 89 K
Processor: SH3, MIPS
Platform: Handheld PC
Operating System: Windows CE 2.0
PCMCIA flash card and/or compact flash card slots required


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