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FlashBack Database Edition




Handheld PC, HPC Pro, Palm-size PC


FlashBack gives you the power to work with your Windows CE database files with unprecedented ease!

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About FlashBack Database Edition

FlashBack gives you the power to work with your Windows CE database files with unprecedented ease!

Backup & Restore your database files to main storage memory or flash cards with ease! No need to do a full backup, let FlashBack help you safely and securely archive your contacts, appointments and more! Transfer your archives to the desktop or a flash card for safe keeping.



  • An innovative, extremely user-friendly interface.

  • Archive compression substantially reduces file size!

  • Instant access to all database information.

  • Delete, Rename, Copy

  • Clean/Erase Records

  • Auto selection of databases by group to make selecting databases fast & easy.

  • Export databases to comma or tab-delimited text files. Great for viewing contact lists on the desktop in Excel!

  • A great aid for developers working with database reliant applications!

  • Archive AutoLocation alleviates the need to search for your backup files.

  • Drag-and-drop data columns let you decide how the information is displayed.

  • Attach notes to backup files to help you remember why or when you backed up the databases. An excellent way of knowing just what you've got.

  • Comprehensive online reference guide.

  • Supports application installation to main storage memory or CompactFlash cards.

  • Capable of restoring database files that are currently open by the operating system or another application.



Product System Requirements

Storage: 110 K
Platform: Handheld PC, Handheld PC Pro, Palm-size PC
Operating System: Windows CE 2.x


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