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Jot 2.0 is a fast and easy-to-use handwriting recognition system for Windows CE devices. Jot increases your productivity and is designed for maximum speed and accuracy.

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About Jot 2.0

Jot 2.0 is a fast and easy-to-use handwriting recognition system for Microsoft Windows CE 2.0 devices.  Jot increases your productivity and is designed for maximum speed and accuracy while using a minimal amount of memory.  Jot has a unique, patented user interface that allows convenient and natural handwritten input on handheld PC devices.

The Mode Mark guides your writing for upper or lower case letters.  It remains constant over all applications.

With the combination of Jot's natural character set and user interface, you can get extremely accurate character recognition. Jot also makes one-handed data entry quick and easy.  It's ideal when you need a free hand to hold the telephone or the handheld computer.

Write anywhere on the screen.  Jot uses the same metaphor to recognize your writing as you learned in school.  With the Mode Mark (screen side pointers), which create an imaginary line, letters written below the "line" will be interpreted as lowercase and letters that extend across the "line" will be interpreted as uppercase.  Numbers and equations in the Jot user interface are written above the "line."

You can use Jot to write all of the keyboard characters.  Plus, Jot gives you a way to enter Western European characters on the CE platform, a feature not supported by the keyboard.  In addition, gestures such as space, cut, and paste simplify editing with a pen.



Compatible Leverage existing investments in hardware and software.  Jot works with all Windows CE services and applications.

Flexible Two pre-defined character sets are included.  Choose the one that fits your writing style.  One set of characters uses the natural letter shapes in normal writing (lowercase and uppercase letters).  The other character set is based on simplified uppercase letters.

Simple User Interface Write anywhere on the screen and Jot will recognize your writing and send it to your application.  There is an imaginary line that extends across the screen indicated by the Mode Mark (side pointer) on each side.  Writing is simple with this technique for lowercase letters, write below the "line" and for uppercase letters, write characters that extend above and below the "line." Because of this unique patented user interface, Jot never confuses shape identical characters such as "O," "o," or "0" and "C" or "c."

International Character Support Jot allows entry of accented characters used in the Western European languages.

Recognition Speed Real time with no delay.

Customizable Once you know the basics of the user interface, virtually no training is required.  However, Jot has a Training Wizard that allows you to enable or disable character shapes that best suit your personal writing styles.

Macro Editor You can define frequently used phrases (such as name and email address) or actions (such as copy or paste) for quicker text entry and editing.

New! On-line Help Jot 2.0 provides an extensive animated tutorial demonstrating how to write letters and symbols. On-line help is also available.

New! Boxed Jot An alternate way to use Jot instead of writing on the entire screen.

New! OnScreen Keyboard Pop up the virtual keyboard instantly.



Product System Requirements

Storage: 150-390 K
Platform: Handheld PC
Operating System: Windows CE 2.0


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