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AutoGraph for Windows CE 2.0


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AutoGraph is the complete graphing solution that allows you to easily create graphs using your Pocket Excel spreadsheet data.

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About AutoGraph ...

AutoGraph for Windows CE

Developer One, Inc. proudly introduces AutoGraph" for Windows CE, the complete graphing solution for Windows CE handheld computing devices.

The startup display provides you with all the information you need to graph your Pocket Excel spreadsheet data.

AutoGraph lets you create graphs effortlessly...

  1. Select your data to graph in Pocket Excel.
  2. Copy the data to the clipboard.
  3. Double-tap the AutoGraph tray icon. 

That's it.   Intelligent Graphing.  Made Simple.

Changing graph types is as simple as tapping the toolbar buttons.

Stock Graph (volume-open-high-low-close)  


Target audience ...

AutoGraph is designed to assist you in visualizing and interpreting data using your handheld PC.

Think of the portable possibilities...

On the road... In the classroom... Meeting with a client... In the laboratory...

Get more out of your handheld PC.  Get AutoGraph.


Graph types ...

Stacked Values
Label by series or value

Stacked Values
Label by series or value

Descriptive Bar
Formatted bar graph with user supplied data descriptions

Elliptical or Circular pie graph
Label by series, value, or percent

(x,y) Scatter graph
Option to connect points
Zoom in/out to specified data range
Supports interactive coordinate display

Graph data points over time
Zoom in/out to specified data range



Exclusive features ...

AutoGraph will automatically select the appropriate displayed range
based on the data that is graphed.

Zoom In/Out
Focus on a specific range of values by supplying the desired range to display.

Auto-scaling / axis labeling
AutoGraph will automatically scale axis values to represent the data in a easy-to-interpret format and modify the axis labels as appropriate.

  • Default scaling:
    AutoGraph will scale values to multiples of thousands, millions, or billions and
    gives you the choice of how the axis labels are affected.
    (i.e. "x 1,000" may also be represented as "thousands")

  • Scientific Notation:
    AutoGraph will automatically scale values to represent the values in scientific notation.

  • No scaling:
    Allows the user to specify the number of digits displayed on the value axis.
    Adjustment of displayed digits is made simple via keystroke shortcuts.

Color / Grayscale support
AutoGraph supports grayscale devices by allowing fills to be represented with hatch patterns.
Displays supporting color can make use of AutoGraph's 16-color support for filling objects such as
columns and pie graph segments.

Coordinate indicator
AutoGraph's scatter graph supports an interactive coordinate indicator.   Simply tap
on the display where desired, and the (x,y) coordinate information will be displayed.

User specified graph size
AutoGraph allows the user to define the size of the graph image.

User specified marker size
Scatter and Line graphs allow the user to select from three sizes of data point markers,
or disable display of the markers entirely.

Data Browser
Examine the data that is being graphed with the Data Browser.

Copy Graph to Clipboard
Copy the graph image to the clipboard for pasting into your Pocket Word documents.

Save Graph as Bitmap file
Saves the graph image to a *.bmp or *.2bp format file.



Product System Requirements

Storage: 490-510 K, depending on selected components
Processor: SH3 and MIPS
Operating System: Windows CE 2.0


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