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CalliGrapher/HPC Notes Super Pack


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Palm-size PC, Handheld PC, HPC Pro


The ultimate handwriting recogntion, and note database bundle. HPC Notes offers superb integration with the award winning CalliGrapher handwriting recognition software.

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About The CalliGrapher/Notes Super Pack

"The most startling thing about the new integration is that HPC Notes launches the correction editor of Calligrapher. The brightest star in the constellation of integration is the program called HPC Notes 2.01. It is from this program's note interface that all of the integration can best be seen." Go Inside Magazine

The CalliGrapher/HPC Notes Super Pack



CalliGrapher 5.2:

Write naturally(tm)! CalliGrapher® for the Windows® CE operating system is the only natural writer-independent handwriting recognition technology for all styles - cursive, print or mixed. Employing advanced fuzzy logic and neural net techniques, CalliGrapher recognizes arbitrary symbol strings as well as words from its integrated dictionary and custom user dictionaries. It is also a comprehensive spelling checker for all Windows CE applications on your Palm-size PC, Handheld PC and Handheld PC Pro.

Key Features:

  • NEW in 5.2: Optimized for Palm-size PC, works seamlessly on your Handheld PC and NOW on Handheld PC Pro!
  • NEW in 5.2: Letter Shape Selector
  • Reliably Recognizes Cursive, Print or Mixed Handwriting
  • Ready to Go Without Training
  • Integrates with All Windows CE applications
  • Includes Spell Checker with User Dictionary Capability
  • Deferred Recognition
  • Advanced Note Taking and Screen Draw Mode
  • Ink Color Selection and Customizable Ink Width
  • Enhanced "Screen Orientation"
  • Disabling Keyboard in Windows CE 2.0
  • Recognition Speed/Quality Slider
  • Separate Letter Mode
  • "Quick Correct" Window


HPC Notes 2.02:

HPC Notes is a powerful notes organizer for Microsoft Windows CE. You can create notes providing them with type, subject, creation and modification date, which helps to find required information quickly and easily.

Key Features:

  • Organize your notes - by clicking on the column header buttons, you can sort notes by creation date, modification date, subject and type.
  • Portability - PC Notes now runs on your Desktop PC powered by Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98, or Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 or later. Handheld PC, Palm-Size PC, or Handheld PC Professional Edition of Microsoft Windows CE
  • Compatibility - export and import notes as text files or transfer data to and from other applications using copy and paste.
  • Consistency - synchronize your notes between the mobile device and Desktop PC.
  • Efficient - small size of the program and compressed database leaves plenty of storage space.
  • Privacy - protect notes from unauthorized access with a password.
  • Simple User Interface - intuitive user interface allows you to start using HPC Notes right away.
  • Microsoft Outlook 97 and 98 support - synchronizes notes directly with Microsoft Outlook's or imports (exports) notes directly from Microsoft Outlook Personal Post Office (PST) folders.
  • PalmPilot support - import or export your notes from PalmPilot's MemoPad using HPC Notes conduit.
  • Built-in Spell Checker - HPC Notes desktop module includes built-in spell checker. The mobile device module is integrated with HPC Spell.
  • Email capability - send email messages directly from Note Editor form by clicking on Send Mail button.



Product System Requirements

Storage: 1.6 MB
Platform: Handheld PC, Handheld PC Pro, Palm-size PC
Operating System: Windows CE 2.0


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