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Access Panel 2.0 .( Buy the Platinum Edition )




Palm-size PC


The first Professional input method for P/PCs. Quickly input and retrieve valuable information through your Palm-size PC.

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About Access Panel

Professional input method for your Palm-size PC. It allows you to quickly input and retrieve valuable information through your Palm-size PC pertaining to just about anything or anyone!



Personal phrase tagsInput Panel Method Selector

  • To activate Access Panel, simply select from the list of available input methods.

Personal Tags

  • Associate commonly used text phrases or paragraphs with a descriptive tag name.

  • Double-tap to insert the text into your current document.

Date/time insertion

  • features full compatibility with your regional settings. The uppermost entries contain your preferred date and time formats based on your regional settings.

Quickly insert the name of one of your contacts.

  • It's as simple as two taps of the pen! Options allow you to select the format of your contact listing.


  • makes you more efficient by automatically re-activating your preferred input method after you have selected a tag from Access Panel.

Add and edit

  • your own personal Access Panel tags fast and easy. Access Panel" is the fast, efficient solution designed to help you be more productive.


AccessPanel gets even better... Version 2.0 release summary

  1. Enhanced contact options make Access Panel an excellent addition for the mobile professional!
  2. Version 2.0 features an impressive custom formatting tool that allows you to paste contact information exactly the way you want!
  3. Creating the custom format text is simple.
  4. Enter any desired paragraph text and add your desired contact information fields.
  5. Never before has it been so easy to make use of your contact information!
  6. Preview-mode allows you to see exactly how your contact information will be pasted into your documents, email, etc..
  7. Version 2.0 features a fast access contacts index tab to locate your contact quickly.
  8. Access Panel will automatically display the company name (if available) for any contact entry that lacks a first or last name. This makes locating "nameless" contacts even easier!


Product System Requirements

Storage: 70 K
Platform: Palm-size PC (Everex, Philips Nino, Casio E-10)
Operating System: Windows CE 2.0


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