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Whack Force 1.0




Handheld PC, Handheld PC Pro


The ultimate tool for mobile surfers, it is an offline-browser that enables downloading web pages along with embedded images.

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About Whack Force 1.0

Whack Force 1.0

Developer: Ruksun Software Technologies

You're at the airport waiting for a flight; you're counting minutes for your appointment to begin; you're anywhere with time on your hands; you have your H/PC but you've played all the games. You're itching to surf the web and browse through daily news, sports scores or stock quotes...

Here's Whack Force -- the ultimate tool for mobile surfers.

What does it do? Whack Force is an offline browsing tool that enables you to download Web pages with embedded images and other pages linked from the main page. Your experience while browsing these downloaded pages offline would be exactly as if you were connected to the Net; it would of course be much faster and would also save you valuable connect time charges.

Whack Force facilitates offline browsing by allowing you to batch-download Web sites. To actually view these downloaded pages, you would have to use a Web browser like Pocket Internet Explorer.



  • Downloads upto 10 levels of linked pages

  • Simultaneously downloads multiple files

  • Supports Web Proxy servers

  • Auto Dial capability

  • Links in the downloaded pages are automatically resolved

  • Configurable parameters provided to fine-tune downloads

  • New, more intuitive user interface

  • Explore frames

  • Batch download capabilities

  • Online help



Product System Requirements

Storage: 100 K
Processor: SH3 and MIPS
Platform: Handheld PC, Handheld PC Pro, Jornada
Operating System: Windows CE 1.0, Windows CE 2.0


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