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Scotty FTP 1.17




Handheld PC, HPC Pro, Palm-size PC


Hook up with any FTP server, and upload or download files with a single "tap." Small and powerful, it is fully multithreaded with a user-friendly native Win CE user interface.

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About Scotty FTP 1.17

Scotty FTP 1.14



  • "Quick Connect" feature grants immediate access to any FTP server

  • Intuitive native Windows CE graphical user interface

  • Displays the FTP commands being executed and server responses

  • Maintains persistent Server Profiles along with log-in information

  • Connects to Internet or local intranet via modem or direct serial link

  • True Windows CE 32-bit application

  • Complies with the standard Internet FTP specification RFC 959



Product System Requirements

Storage: 60 K
Processor: SH3, MIPS, StrongARM
Platform: Handheld PC, Handheld PC Pro, Palm-size PC
Operating System: Windows CE 1.0, Windows CE 2.0


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