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News Force 1.5




Handheld PC, HPC Pro, Palm-size PC


News Force is a Windows CE based news client for Handheld PCs, and Palm-size PCs. Supporting both on and offline news reading.

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About News Force 1.5

News Force 1.0

News Force is a Windows CE based news client, supporting both on and offline news reading. If you are an avid Newsgroup fan, own a mobile device (either an H/PC or a P/PC) and pride yourself to be a road warrior, News Force is just the right newsgroup reading solution for you. Otherwise, now is a great time to catch up on your favorite Newsgroups.

You can read news articles from all your favorite USENET newsgroups. If you download them from the Internet to your mobile device, you can read, reply or forward them from wherever in the world you are.

News Force has been packed with features that help you to zero in on the information you want, fast and with minimum fuss, at the same time ensuring that news reading remains an easy and enjoyable activity.



  • Connect to any news server and Subscribe/Unsubscribe to/from multiple Newsgroups. Supports public and private news servers, with or without authentication.

  • Read news articles either online or offline

  • Compose news articles offline and save them in the "Saved Articles" folder to be edited later

  • Post/Reply to articles on or offline.
  • Keep track of your posted articles via the "Posted Articles" folder

  • Configurable batch download of articles from a Newsgroup

  • Increased control over article download based on number and size of articles

  • Expandable threaded display of articles for easier news reading

  • Efficiently manage Newsgroups by marking articles as Read/Unread

  • Configurable option to view All/Unread articles

  • Select the Forward/CC article recipients, from your Contacts, from within News Force

  • Forward/CC articles using Pocket Inbox Services

  • Save articles as text files

  • Compaction of database to conserve precious storage space on the mobile device.

  • Easy to navigate UI, with one touch toggle between the article and message panes.

  • Sort articles on Subject, Sender name, or Date field

  • View article header as a part of the message body

  • Search a Newsgroup for articles having a keyword, or sent by a particular author.

  • Insert signature in all outgoing replies.

  • Intuitive keyboard support for faster navigation

  • Compatibility: News Force v1.0 for the H/PC runs both on Windows CE 1.0 and 2.0; News Force v 1.1 for the P/PC is compatible with Windows CE 2.0

  • News Force v1.1 for the P/PC includes a 'Quick preview' window that allows easy access to the most important information in a message.


What's New

  • Mark/Unmark articles for download

  • Configurable Batch Download across Newsgroups

  • Inclusion of canned newsgroups to minimize startup time

  • Detailed online help included

  • Hassle free desktop to H/PC installation for CE 1.0 and 2.0

  • Directly install News Force from Web to H/PC using CAB files



Product System Requirements

Storage: 218-304 K (Depending on system)
Processor: SH3 and MIPS
Platform: Handheld PC, HPC Pro, Palm-size PC
Operating System: Windows CE 1.0, Windows CE 2.0


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