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Net Force 2.0




Handheld PC, Handheld PC Pro


A collection of 12 network analysis and administration tools. It allows Network Administrators to quickly analyze networks.

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About Net Force 2.0

Net Force 1.5



A collection of 12 tools used by Network Administrators to monitor and maintain Networks.

Network Information - Displays information about Winsock, the connection profiles on the device, network card and active IP addresses.

Port Scanner - Helps you in finding out whether a service is running on a particular port. You can also query on a range of ports.

CharGen - An RFC 864 compliant character generator service which is often useful for debugging.

DNSLookup - Displays information from Domain Name System (DNS) name servers.

Ping - Determines whether a specific IP address is accessible.

IP Subnet Calculator - A handy calculator to have for subnet configuration.

HTTP Fetch - Fetches the desired page and shows it in the log window. You can also connect via the proxy server.

Echo Client - Using this tool you can send text to an echo server and find out if it is returned back properly.

Finger Client - Furnishes information about users on a remote machine. Displays the user's login name, real name, terminal name and write status, idle time, login time, office location and office phone number.

Whois Client - A TCP transaction based query that provides netwide directory service to Internet users.

TFTP Server and TFTP Client



Product System Requirements

Storage: 200 K
Processor: SH3, MIPS, StrongARM and SH-4
Platform: Handheld PC, Handheld PC Pro
Operating System: Windows CE 2.0


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