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Find Force 1.5




Handheld PC, Palm-size PC


FindForce helps you locate files easily, searching by name, file size, date stamp or criteria you specify.

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About Find Force 1.5

Find Force 1.5

Developer: Ruksun Software Technologies

Find Force allows you to locate files easily on the H/PC. It searches through all the files and identifies those that the user is looking for.

Find Force allows the user to search for files not just by name but also by file size, date stamp etc. The user can specify the search criteria and the appropriate files are displayed for the user.



  • Searches through files on your HPC, or PPC to find the ones you specify

  • Uses wildcard characters when you need to broaden a search

  • Searches based on date of creation of the file

  • Searches based on size and type of file

  • Searches based on case-sensitive, whole word text strings

  • Many search options let you specify more than one criteria to find a file

  • A pre-defined list of file extensions present on your Windows CE device helps you narrow search criteria

  • Opens found file in its application with one click

  • Allows keyboard or stylus navigation

  • Includes HTML Help files



Product System Requirements

Storage: 130 K
Processor: SH3 and MIPS
Platform: Handheld PC, Palm-size PC
Operating System: Windows CE 1.0, Windows CE 2.0


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