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Pocket ORFO (Russian)




Pocket ORFO is designed to provide spelling checking for Russian, and French documents.

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About Pocket ORFO

Russian Spell Checker for Windows CE

Pocket ORFO is designed to provide spelling checking for Russian/French files.

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Features (Russian)

  • List of suggested replacements for each error
  • Access to Pocket Word files
  • Import/export of multilingual texts via Clipboard
  • Adding words to the user dictionary in all grammatical forms
  • Spell-checking module of Pocket ORFO Russian is based on the dictionary containing 240, 000 Russian stems forming over 3,000,000 Russian words



Product System Requirements

Storage: 1.8MB
Processor: SH3 and MIPS

Operating System: Windows CE 2.0,

Additional Software: ParaWin CE

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